Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eh, so yeah?

          Well, I think I'm temporarily out of my audiophile phase. I'll probably get back into it once I get money again. Dang, It's supposed to be spring, but it's still too cold out? Luckily spring break is next week, not this one. Maybe It'll be sunny then? Now then. Let's see what sort of pictures I could possibly have to share?

Hey!~  I actually found one of these in my classroom the other day. It was pretty cool. I should memorize this...

Also, Anyone done this? Played with rainmeter? I only have a simple clock+calendar. But It's pretty cool when you see those people with full-out epic desktop backgrounds. I'm not interested enough to do that, considering I've got windows over my background constantly anyways. But I thought this would be cool to share, in case any of my fun followers wanted to try it out. Have fun now!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, man, It's been awhile !

I guess the whole blog thing never worked out, eh? But at the same time, I might wanna write in this every once in awhile, So I'll keep it here! I mean, I wanted to write in it now, didn;t I ? I'm tired. Oh, but my Tennis season started! Too bad it really kills my wrist. I need to get used to holding that racket right! Oh well. So tired. Have fun, fellow bloggers!

Also, Here's a pic helping you choose headphones! *Sigh*. Why'd I get Beats?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Honestly, life is pretty boring.

      Today, I'll be blaming my long, long pauses between posts on my horribly boring life. Now, I'll admit, I could probably spice it up more if I really wanted, but I think I'll just wait until spring is here. Sadly, Just as I thought the warm weather was on its way, BAM ! It snowed again. *sigh*. Oh, well. Looks like I'll take another few weeks as a loner/introvert. On the upside, I tend to get more done this way... :D?

ANYWAYS. This is what I actually spend pretty much all my time doing as a loner... along with talking over cellphones/internet, ofcourse. This game right here, is Mabinogi, my all-time favorite MMO. I know, I'm a nerd/loser/etc. for choosing this over real social life. But honestly, I'll go back to being social when I feel like it. But well, if you decide to be a loner along with me, I'd suggest this game! sign up at, and have some fun!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh man, I'm too lazy.

Wow, It's been a long time since I posted. Sorry about that. Just been distracted. Anyways, Whats on my mind right now... Monster. No, not monster as in scary huge furry things, not godzilla. Monster Energy Drink. I love this stuff, although i know it's insanely horrible for me. so, is it true that if I drink like 7 cans in one day I'll die? I dont know. But, i still find it delicious!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phew. All better.

Well, I'm finally all better. It was pretty odd, trying the neti pot technique to clean out my sinuses, but man, it worked well. I finalized that the beats headphones were real. Although I liked my old skullcandy headphones more. Despite being sick, I had a great weekend. Anyways, I can't wait for spring... I miss the warmth.