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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, man, It's been awhile !

I guess the whole blog thing never worked out, eh? But at the same time, I might wanna write in this every once in awhile, So I'll keep it here! I mean, I wanted to write in it now, didn;t I ? I'm tired. Oh, but my Tennis season started! Too bad it really kills my wrist. I need to get used to holding that racket right! Oh well. So tired. Have fun, fellow bloggers!

Also, Here's a pic helping you choose headphones! *Sigh*. Why'd I get Beats?


  1. Give that wrist a good workout lol.

  2. Same man, I think I just needed a break.

  3. Yeah, the beats are very overpriced.

    I have the Audio Technica ATH-AD700s and they're great. They're not really bass heavy, but I can live without that. They are also extremely comfortable.

  4. ha, i agree... Give that wrist a good workout!

  5. WHAT ABOUT BOSE HEADPHONES!?!??! I have em and they shit my brains out with a stick

  6. Thanks for the post, I've been meaning to get some new headphones.