Sunday, February 6, 2011

Other blogs compared to mine

     Naturally, ever since I've gotten into the blogging-scene, I've looked at a bunch of other blogs. Now, I noticed pretty much all of them have videos/music/pictures tagged to all their posts. I'm not saying its better or worse, Just something I noticed. I wanted to know from you guys, though. What would you rather? A blog with plenty of pictures/infographics and maybe a sentance or two of text, or someone who sincerely speaks their mind? Or maybe, a mix of both?

      I also was looking at my stats. It seems pretty much everybody uses Windows. Seriously though, I actually expected a lot of Macs to match, But in the end, nah. They were just another small percentage. Something that was close was browser usage though. Firefox and Chrome. I, myself, enjoy chrome. I find chrome to be MUCH faster than your average browser. Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally biased. I also used firefox for a very long time. See, I don't think either one is better in the end. Each fits interests. Chrome more for speed, Firefox? Well, I haven't used that in awhile, So you guys can tell me about that. But anyways, Tell me your opinions!

Chrome or firefox?
Blogs with pictures, or blogs with walls of text?

               Thanks for reading, Sincerely,
                                                   The One Kid.


  1. Firefox for blogging, otherwise you can't beat Chrome's speed. I like a blog that combines text with images and video. Definitely don't like it when people just spam some content and write a sentence at most, but others go overboard with text, I think there's a happy middle.

  2. Firefox, Chrome is fine too.
    I prefer blogs with pictures, they don't have to be related to the post imo, but it's up to you. Walls of text I'd rather avoid unless it's really freakin' interesting.

  3. I use Google Chrome, and I love it. It pains me to think that I used IE for TWO YEARS!

    I think Firefox has a lot of good add-ons, but you need a good computer for it to run as fast as Chrome, it takes up a lot of CPU. My laptop isn't the greatest but Chrome still runs at light speed for me :)

  4. Try iron. It's like chrome, but without all the "Big Brother" tech built in.

    And for my blogs, I try to add a mix of pics/vids/links and decent content. I think when you use a balance of well-rounded material, it helps keep people engaged.

    But to each their own, ya know?

  5. Im a chrome guy myself! Used to use firefox but then chrome didnt exist back then....

  6. chrome is brilliant : almost the same range of extensions/add-ons as firefox but it is much faster.
    if the blog has lots of interesting facts and storys then i don't mind it being just text. i like a bit of reading sometimes. but also pictures and videos are good devices to draw in the crowd.
    ill keep following this blog, pictures or no pictures :)

  7. I use chrome for speed, and since the extensions it's up to par with FireFox imho.

    The purpose of a blog in my mind is to speak your mind, and at times a video or image can help portray the message, but text is the main thing.

  8. I'd have to go w/ a mix.

    I'm gonna start incorporating more images in my blog but currently it's just me talking about shit.

  9. opera, and blogs are ment to be textual

  10. I use chrome, it's just simpler and easier to use on a low performance pc.

    Blog wise, my favorite ones are the ones I won't see duplicates of, or the ones introducing me to things I weren't aware about, which works for music, philosophy, etc.

    For an example, my current favorite blog (and this isn't self promotion) is
    and I wish it updated more often. It's not something you see on average just stumbling around, it's unique.

  11. I prefer Google Chrome.

    And when it comes to blog content, I think that's all up to the blogger. It's kind of like an artistic choice that you have to make -- or you just have to let it evolve and figure out what your are most comfortable doing.

  12. I actually enjoy reading people's thoughts which isn't the same as seeing a video or a funny picture one found one the internet and also I've never used chrome yet I use Firefox for almost everything except blooging, for that I use Safari

  13. I'm on Windows and Mac, have both. Same with FireFox and Chrome, both are great! Anything but IE!

    Length doesn't matter to me, I usually like something that's short and to the point though. I like pics in posts also! And videos!

  14. For me, I think it's harder to write alot of words, but thats just because I don't have that much to say about stuff. I like the fact that your blog has content, keep it up.

  15. i like firefox, because i love it when my browser crashes every five minutes or freezes.